IDS-Spring ’20

IDS-Spring ’20

Disiplinlerarası Tasarım Stüdyosu – Spring’20

(BA4148 – Interdisciplinary Problem Solving)

8th Interdisciplinary Design Studio carried in the 2019-2020 spring semester continued by groups of interdisciplinary METU students to offer innovative solutions and ideas for real problems submitted by companies from several different sectors. Workshops following design thinking principles, seminars, and faculty members from different study fields sharing their experiences and knowledge were conducted throughout the term. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that effected the globe during the semester, face to face educational activities halted and the rest of the IDS process was carried out using online collaboration tools and teleconferencing in a virtual environment. A virtual closing ceremony is held at the end of the semester that presented an invaluable opportunity for IDS students to share their projects and experiences with attendees from Design Factory Global Network, industry partners, IDS students and, METU Design Factory tutors.


Demet Doğanay – Tuğba Uçar – Ceren Kalfa – Busenur Şahin – Duygu Can

“Locus” sponsored by UNDP, aimed to renew a ghost space in Ankara, to make it a more effective area for the public-use. By considering the outputs of user research conducted on the area, a better-suited concept design enhancing the dynamic surroundings of the environment is intended. The project was designed with the ideals of the area having a more sustainable system and to educate the users by cognitive learning methods, encouraging self-learning.



Didem Baratalı – Eda Yılmaz – Ezgi Özkürkçü – Utku Ertürkan

“Farkında” sponsored by UNDP two interconnected processes that consist of interactive brochure design and train-wagon concept. Rather than conventional design approaches, an interactive design approach is aimed to better convey the messages to the target group for the design of the train-wagon concept and brochure. Among UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals, “Good Health and Well-Being”, “Quality Education”, “Gender Equality”, “Climate Action” and, “Responsible Consumption and Production” are targeted for this project. These processes aim to raise public awareness of Sustainable Development Goals and achieve sustainable development by 2030.


Aysel Ege Coşkun – Ahmet Altuğ Çiçekdağı – Hande Fatma Karataş – Mücahit Alkan Yorgancı

Aiming to take the usage of unmanned aerial vehicles to another level, we focused on the dynamic and busy work life within the campus of Middle East Technical University, which seems to exhibit a highly compact city nature. We inferred from our observations that the trips within the campus result in loss of time and money for all types of users. Seeking to facilitate the transportation of goods, documents, and food, we propose a system design that highlights a quick, secure, and safe delivery of cargos via a pre-determined route and storage service. Provided that the storage-stations are located on the activity nodes of the campus, the drones are always ready for take-off to respond to the users’ needs. Thanks to its mobile application, users can manage the transportation of their cargo to another station without wasting time at the station. In this way, we hope to save time for users and see the implementation of the design on other campuses.


Elvan Buse Utkulu – Arda Yazıcı – Başar Yücel – Zeynep Ceren Arular

In the scope of BA4148-Interdisciplinary Problem Solving, the Smartera group has conducted this project with the mentorship of GAMA Enerji. The main purpose of the project is to draw the attention of the new graduates and make them excited about working and being a part of this company having a fully adapted technological/digital system which follows the latest technology advancements and Industry 4.0 digital revolution. For this reason, this project aims to create a business atmosphere such that the company develops some products with the help of Industry 4.0 technologies, also optimizes and accelerates the workflows and communications between employees by boosting the effect of cutting-edge technologies in business life.