IDS – 3

IDS – 3

Interdisciplinary Design Studio – 3

(ID403 – Collaborative Design)

During Interdisciplinary Design Studio 3, teams composed of graduate and undergraduate students from different disciplines developed innovative solutions for the problem areas proposed by firms and NGOs. Throughout IDS-3, design processes were conducted in accordance with workshops including design thinking techniques, seminars and knowledge and experience sharing of the faculty members from different disciplines.


Aygen Savaş • Ekin Sancak • Hasan Soycan • İsmail Melik Taş • Gizem Yetiş • Hakan Yıldız • Hüsnü Şener


   The Artifex group has focused on the aesthetics of the electric lines, which until now have only been seen as a infrastructure problem. With this project, a parametric design has been proposed, stabilizing the values of the legislation,
reducing the electromagnetic field generated by the conductor wires, increasing the night visibility of the warning spheres, and providing a new aesthetic understanding of the cityscapes. 



Abdullah Yusuf Tatlı • Elif Nur Bilir • İnci Tuğçe Üçkök • Lilyana Yazirlıoğlu • Meltem Düzgün


   Because of the perception that engineering is a male profession, women are not adequately represented in engineering. Our main goal as the BreakEng group is to break social stereotypes about the engineering profession in high school students. For this purpose, a game proposal has been introduced in which the students can learn the engineering profession in an interactive way to bring up the field and role models for each class and student.  



Mahmut Burak Atasever • Duygu Vatan • Özcan Keklik • Esra Reis • Mehmet Alper Kuyumcu • Zeynep Yılmaz


   In order to make a “safer tractor design” by the team of İmece, a solution to tractor overturns has been developed and a moving weight system consisting of information, guidance and intervention steps has been developed. With this
project, a system consists of mechanical and social aspects has been provided while aiming of raising awareness of the farmer.


Motus Magnus

Alperen Tüğen • Aysun Bolat • Bahar Aydemir • Buğrahan Gülcüler • Sezin Sarıca • Hüseyin Uğur Genç • Zeynep Ece Şahin


   The MotusMagnus group presented a “smart vest” solution proposal, in the sense that most of the community has a dysfunction due to a desk work. This vest seeks to create a collective culture in smart casual offices, thanks to a
mobile application that can be used together.


Smoke on the Water

Gökhan Çakal • Ege Çakaloz • Mert Ozan Katipoğlu • Oğuz Atıcı • Tuğba Purtul


  Flourish is an interactive mobile application aims to raise awareness about the harms of smoking for children and parents while supporting the person who wants to quit smoking during the most difficult first three weeks of quiting process with family and relative support.