IDS-Spring ’21

IDS-Spring ’21

Interdisciplinary Design Studio – Spring’21

(BA4148 – Interdisciplinary Problem Solving)

10th Interdisciplinary Design Studio carried in the 2021-2022 spring semester continued by groups of interdisciplinary METU students to offer innovative solutions and ideas for real problems submitted by Vestel. Workshops following design thinking principles, seminars, and faculty members from different study fields sharing their experiences and knowledge were conducted throughout the term.


Furkan Çitil – İpek Aydın – Oğuzhan Deniz – Selen Beyaz – Sena Çoban – Zühal Ceren Aydın

Learning to drive is a challenging process. Small mistakes can lead significant losses. For this reason, a driver who has just received their license is hesitant to drive vehicle. On the other hand, most of us do not have a car of our own when we get a license, and we have to use our parents’ vehicles. However, most of the time parents are reluctant to lend their vehicles to their children. We are fully aware of this situation. Novi takes drivers’ driving experience away from stress. It guides the driver while driving and presents the drivers’ movements as a report. Thanks to this, both novice drivers and their parents are able to follow the driving experience and driver can develop their driving skills in a calmer environment.




Aya Talhi – Deniz Dişçioğlu – Mehmet Oğuz Yavuz – Özge Alptüzün – Sena Tarım

As Team Viridis, we come from different backgrounds but we meet on a common ground, the desire to make an impact on the world. In the status quo, the world is having two extremes. While millions are going to bed hungry every night, a drastic amount of food is being wasted. At the end of the day, both extremes are causing environmental issues. This was a great driving force for us. We started looking for where the largest amount of food waste is generated and found out that it is the household. To reduce the food waste in our homes we came up with an innovative, easy-to-use and impactful solution. Here we present you, your next generation food container, Viripot!



Deniz Küçük – Elif Işık – Hüseyin Orkun Paçal – Zeynep Cesur – Zeynep Eda Kara

We, as Futurum, aim to bring a sustainable circular economic perspective to the future of the electric vehicle charging stations. We focus on solving long waiting hours, finding and using the stations effectively, and solving problems with units and their surroundings. Fossil fuel stations are transformed into new “Kirpi” and implemented various solutions for detected problems. The futuristic and innovative design of Kirpi and mobile app is one step ahead of competetors.