IDS – 4

IDS – 4

Interdisciplinary Design Studio – 4

(ID403 – Collaborative Design)

During Interdisciplinary Design Studio 4, teams composed of graduate and undergraduate students from different disciplines developed innovative solutions for the problem areas proposed by firms and NGOs. Throughout IDS-4, design processes were conducted in accordance with workshops including design thinking techniques, seminars and knowledge and experience sharing of the faculty members from different disciplines.


Özlem Çavuş • Özge Danacı • Denizcan İbrikçi • Aslı Ergin • Enes Aldemir • Kevser Çakmak


   TCON is an application that makes the vehicles special to the driver and passengers at the same time. After downloading to the mobile phone, TCON can automatically connect with the vehicle and combine the features, roads and passengers in common in three main areas: private music playback, news reading and space recommendation.  



Ramin Rasulzade • Nilay Nida Can • Yao Mingjian • İpek Öztürk • Oğuz Özdemir • Kübra Sena Şimşek • Melike Aydınlılar


   The aim of Rockids is to tell the children of 6 to 10 years of the atmospheric flight experience in an engaging, instructive and amusing way. The design consists of 3 basic parts: a book, a physical toy, and an application to be used by this toy. The basics of flying in the book are told through an interactive story to children. Every chapter in the book is directed at the child’s play and practice so that the child can experience the principle described.  



Hasan Anıl Devrimsel • Sena Bozkurt • Uzay Kaş • Enes Coşkun • Burcu Leblebicier Çetin • Deniz Özkan


   The goal of the Utepils group is to cool the liquid in the bottle before making any changes to the bottle it is in. To this end, the high pressure CO2 gas has to be vented through a small hole in the tube it is in and the liquid inside the tube is cooled. In this easy-to-use device, the coolant is removed from the package and activated by pressing the button on the top of the tool when it is placed inside the bottle.  



Melek Deniz Tarhan • Özüm Hazal Özgenç • Seren Özok • Ayşe Kaplan • Deniz Özabat


   In this project, which targets SMEs in the manufacturing industry employing 50 or more employees, a phone application called K.O.B.İ (Alpha) was developed by determining the uncertainties that led to the inefficiency of SMEs. In the application that can be defined as “serious game”, it is aimed to increase awareness in this regard.