IDS – 1

IDS – 1

 Interdisciplinary Design Studio – 1

Transforming the Box


The very first project of METU DF, namely Transforming the Box, aims to embrace students and instructors belonging to different disciplines in a collaborative environment. Project groups formed by various disciplines not only explore the design but also experience a very collaborative design process. It is expected that students should be able to think out of box, be innovative, be explorative and should have new mindsets to overcome boundaries between disciplines.

Regarding this, the box in the project is a metaphor to define an agent hosting means to be used in emergency situations. Hence, the box can transform and mutate to respond to emergency needs and each student group should find a way how this mutation will occur in the design process.

Box Benders

Erdem Mert Taçyıldız • Deniz Camus • Merve Nur Sökmen • Canay Kara • Burcu Çam • Utku Civelek • Baran Tunç


  Most of the registered accidents from all around the world are in the 21-30 age range due to carelessness and malfunctioning of drivers. Based on the positive reinforcement system, this game is integrated with intelligent roads and transportation systems that include applications of ‘Internet of Things’ and aims to reduce accidents following all traffic rules.  



Hasan Burhan Beytur • Elif Merve Ünsal • Fatih Çağatay Akyön • Hazal Ertürkan • Can Okuyucu • Utku Ay • Aslı Alp


  The earthquake is one of the most feared natural disasters. The QuiakeShiled project seeks to imagine the idea of a shield that will be installed in a more robust place for earthquake-based emergency aid, protect from an armor-heavy weight, communicate with the search and rescue team, and ensure that the team survives as confidently as possible.  



Berksu Erkal • Yankı Çobanoğlu • Karya Bayır • Gülnihal Karaca • Serkan Koylan • Amir Tafrishi • Koray Alpay


  The “Omnify” project is a mobile phone application aimed at solving the hurdles each person may experience in their daily lives. The location density responds to different requests such as safe roads, shortcuts or quick roads to go to, and special situations of users such as visually impaired users, physical obstacles or cyclists.  


Red Chamelon

Sinan Şahin Candan • Tolda Han Ulucan • Cansu Bezmez • Caner Arıkboğa • Dicle Kumaraslan • Kaan Yaşa


 The Companion Cube (Yoldaş Kutu) is a project that focuses on helping immigrants, war memorials and disaster victims who are trying to be helped and seeking a place to stay. This is why, the Companion Cube project aims to reuse relief supply kit boxes serving as temporary shelters and to provide a sustainable aid chain. 



Özgür Yazıcı • Sait Sovukluk • Azra Tuğçe Süngü • Cem Mehmethanoğlu • Tansu Yılmaz • Şeyma Koç


  LifeLine is a communications assistant that increases the awareness of each other in the workplace and ensures the effective enforcement of emergency management. The system is a visual communication network based on an identification tag integrated into the boots of workers at the plant site and strip readers placed on the floor in transit areas.  



Furkan Doğramacı • Merve Eşmebaşı • Damla Özekici • Bilge Çilingir • Gözde Torun • Mine Cüneyitoğlu Özkul • İbrahim Anıl Balkan


  The MULTIPURPOSE Pregnancy Kit is a family of medical products that contains many functions. The user is a candidate for mothers and aims to solve the problems that often occur before and after childbirth. The five different modules contained in a basic box can be combined with different combinations and converted into different products.